FREE WEBINAR: 3D Print Jigs and Fixtures to Boost Manufacturing Efficiency

With new advances in additive manufacturing technologies and materials, you can now replace the standard expensive machined metal jigs and fixtures with lightweight, ergonomic, and part-specific 3D printed tools with a wide range of materials to enable functional applications. In-house 3D printing enables you to build manufacturing aids rapidly and at a low cost to improve the speed, quality, and efficiency of production. It increases design freedom to build complex, custom tools and encourages continuous improvement. With 3D-printed replacement parts, you can grow operational agility, solve day-to-day production issues and reduce machine downtime.

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During this one-hour webinar, you’ll discover:

Jigs, fixtures, and other manufacturing aids are used by businesses internally to make manufacturing and assembly processes simpler and more reliable, reducing cycle times and improving worker safety. They are vital tools to streamline production workflows and address common problems that arise on the factory floor.

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