About Us

Company profile

At the beginning, SUN Workstation, a software expert team was extremely interested in CAD/CAM software business and focused on being an expert at that software. So, the team had been accumulating useful knowledge and advantageous experience in UNIX – CAD/CAM for 4 years. Then, they decided to start a software business in 1994 and named that “AppliCAD co.,ltd.”

AppliCAD has begun distributing Plant Design Management software as the first product and has gradually expanded product lines such as MCAD, A/E/C professional software etc.

Nowadays, AppliCAD is expanding to Indonesia and Vietnam. We have been always bringing the most valuable thing of our organization to serve you the best with our expert team.

With more than 21 years experiences in engineering and architectural software industries, our customers can rely on our products and services. Moreover, AppliCAD is still recognized as “One of the best design technology provider in South East Asia”

Our vision

More than 21 years, AppliCAD has been always giving our staff the training which can help them to improve and increase their skills on our products and services and other vital skills professionally.

Applicad strongly believe that our staff will give some expert advice on our products and services, take care of our customers closely and friendly, and find the best solutions to meet the needs.

AppliCAD is “your Professional Friend who you can trust.”

Our mission

1. Broadly distribute the best innovations in software technology.
2. Extremely giving customers the practical training courses.
3. Professionally helping customers to deal with the problems and fully providing the appropriate solutions to their needs.
4. Sincerely support the schools to motivate students to be expert in their field.
5. Intentionally training our staff in order to raise the capability and performance.
6. Cordially satisfying customers with the best service making them get the most impressive feeling.


1. The Leader of 3D Design Software

AppliCAD has been a pioneer in the market of 3D design software since 1994.
– The first official reseller of SolidWorks in Thailand.
– The most certified staff members from abroad.
– The company has shown continuous growth for many years.
– With more than 200 highly qualified staff members to serve the customer

2. Provide Best Service

AppliCAD provides excellent after-sales services which have been recognized by many awards. We also deliver privileges to our customers to ensure that they will be able to use our products efficiently. 

3. One Stop Service

AppliCAD has a one-stop-service as well as other business affiliates that conform to the requirements of the design process and consultation from experts.

4. Education Support

AppliCAD continuously supports the education sector to ensure that there will be a qualified person to be a part of our customer in the future.

5. Quality Staff

All staff members of AppliCAD have been cultivated hospitality which is the core of our company. We also give priority to personal development of our staff members to continuously improve our services.


  • Mechanical Software Solution
  • Architecture & Construction Software Solution
  • Mutimedia & Docmumentaton Software Solution
  • 3D Printer & 3D Scanner Hardware Solution




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