ARCHICAD delivers design tool improvements and introduces enhanced design workflow processes.

Archicad 26

Stay focused, design more

Archicad 26 with powerful improvements to automated design, documentation, and collaboration workflows, and professional out-of-the-box visualization solutions, Archicad 26 lets you focus on what you do best: design great buildings.

Spend less time on project management and more time on design — Archicad 26 helps your team stay organized and files streamlined even as the size and complexity of projects continue to grow




Discover Attribute Management

Archicad’s advanced attribute management keeps busy architecture offices streamlined by organizing projects accurately.


Faster Project Navigation

No more endless scrolling! Quickly and easily find specific items with the new Navigator Search for faster navigation inside of a project.

Enhanced Surface Overrides

Faster modeling and documentation of openings with fewer workarounds thanks to greater control over openings’ surfaces and enhanced Graphic Override options.


A great building is the result of designers, architects, engineers and contractors working together. We are committed to facilitate open collaboration. Archicad supports more than 40 export and import formats, including classics such as DWG, PDF and XLS as well as the contemporary OPEN BIM formats IFC and BCF. The latter are manufacturer-independent and industry standards.


Deliver professional client presentations with Archicad’s built-in palette of VR and rendering tools, designed to help anyone understand and navigate the BIM model. Create compelling visuals and realtime photorealistic renderings quickly and easily with Twinmotion. Present your ideas with an intuitive 3D experience on projects of any size with BIMx. Impress your clients with interactive and immersive design presentations!


Optimize your design and reduce errors by connecting Archicad with best-in-class analysis tools. Shorten design delivery times with seamless bi-directional workflows between architectural design and structural analysis tools. Keep your projects in sync and reduce the risk of using outdated information with full, real-time access to the shared model throughout the design process. Connect your BIM tool with professional energy analysis applications to evaluate your design’s carbon footprint.

MEP Modeler

The GRAPHISOFT MEP Modeler™ is an Add-On to ARCHICAD®. Firms using ARCHICAD can use the MEP Modeler to create and edit 3D model-based MEP networks (ductwork, pipework and cabling) and coordinate them within the ARCHICAD Virtual Building. The MEP Modeler uses a familiar interface and tools integrated right in the ARCHICAD environment.


[eptar] Reinforcement

The [eptar] solution helps designers to draw documents and lists the necessary reinforcement for their buildings in ArchiCAD. The application provides tools to define all 2D drawings as well as complete 3D models.

[eptar] provide great freedom in defining constructions and also help to specify complex objects. Eptar Reinforcement checks the rebar ID numbering and corrects it if necessary. With tools, users can simply calculate the necessary amount of rebars. Iron list is available on the floor plan just as the interactive schedule.

OPEN BIM is a universal approach to the collaborative design, realization, and operation of buildings based on open standardsand workflowsOPEN BIM is an initiative of several leading software vendors using the open building SMART Data Model.

Smoother/faster 3D navigation with OpenGL

By optimizing OpenGL, ARCHICAD ensures smooth and lightning-fast navigation – even on extremely large building models.

Point-Cloud Support

ARCHICAD  reads point-clouds, providing faster, error-free building surveys by using the latest 3D scanner laser-survey technology.