Difficult Choice for Mobile CAD Software, Concept First or Practicality First?

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April 27 , 2014 |

Difficult Choice for Mobile CAD Software, Concept First or Practicality First?

At present, mobile CAD software should be divided into two kinds of modes according to network application. One is based on network application, users have to browse and edit drawings under network circumstances; the other one is based on offline application, users can browse and edit drawings without network. GstarCAD MC is the typical product of the latter.

The first mode is based on the idea of cloud computing and cloud storage. Users don’t need to transmit the drawings to mobile devices by a cable, so, it’s more advanced in the aspect of concept. The second mode is to use the offline mode. It is more practical under a bad network circumstances. As a user, which one is better? The network application mode or the offline application mode? Which mode will be the key of research and development to a CAD vender?

The question is not difficult to answer. The “cloud storage” which is based on cloud computing is the tendency of IT in the future. It is also the technology which many IT venders want to take lead in, the concept of innovation is undoubted. However, constrained by reality, sometimes, the advanced technology cannot take the full performance of it.

For example, the network infrastructure needs to be improved in many places; a large amount of smart mobile devices cannot connect to internet. Under this kind of circumstances, it is inconvenient by using single network application mode CAD software. It will just meet the requirements of a small group of people.

Of course, some developers will try to integrate the advantages of these two modes. Such as GstarCAD MC, in this updating, it adds a function that users can use the CAD drawings in an E-mail attachment, realizing a part of functions of network application. Besides, to meet users’ requirements, maybe “cloud” CAD software will add some offline functions.

Mobile CAD software is still a new product and it will be a long time before completing its product mode and functions. As a user, we all look forward to experiencing more innovative and practical CAD software.