GstarCAD MC Applied Successfully in Japan

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April 27 , 2014 |

GstarCAD MC Applied Successfully in Japan

A well-known Japanese stationery company with a long history has worldwide brand influence. Its products sell well in Japan and overseas market in a long term. To improve the competency, this stationary company has great interest in the level of informatization and deploys advanced information system to manage the whole enterprise.

As a manufactory of stationery, its staff usually communicates with customers about stationary design drawings. Since these design drawings were on paper, a huge amount of paper had to be carried with them. Once there’s need to revise, it is hard to do the revision in time on paper.

For this reason, the company decided to bring in iPad and GstarCAD MC for workers to do the design, mobile browsing, revision and communication. After a period of application, the company evaluated GstarCAD MC as below:

1. GstarCAD MC solved the difficulty of mobile browsing drawings: designers no longer have to carry the heavy paper drawings to communicate with customers. They can browse and edit drawings just through fingers. At the same time, the previous sample drawings can be imported to the device and are compatible with new design. It makes the presentation more intuitive and vivid as well as reduces the weight.

2. The good performance of GstarCAD MC makes the experience of mobile CAD more excellent: GstarCAD MC has higher performance and complete support service. The perfect compatibility of it can help designers deal with different requirements conveniently.

Powerful offline support: local users can transfer drawings from PC to mobile devices directly through iTunes. Users will browse, edit and save drawings without network, so the performance will be more stable.

To use the drawings anytime and anywhere, users can download drawings via web attachments (including web disk, web attachments and E-mail attachments), as well as sending drawings through E-mail. So, the safety of drawings is assured.

4. The high developing trend provides GstarCAD MC unlimited possibility: GstarCAD invests huge human resources and financial resources in the development of GstarCAD MC. The performance and completion of the soft will grow up rapidly. Users can read .dwg files by GstarCAD MC, which solves a problem in drawing transfer and transmission of mobile devices. All of these features will bring greater assistance to the business of GstarCAD.