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April 27 , 2014 |

Gstarsoft and SolidWorks Held Innovation Day of Design 2012

A few days ago, CAD software and solutions provider Gstarsoft and French company – SolidWorks held the Innovation Day of Design 2012 – the anniversary of user conference together. This Innovation Day is themed as “Creation and Intelligence Achieve Future”. Lots of experts and customers attended; they focused on the discussion of how to realize design innovation in the new situation and new background.

Along with the fast development of economic and market, the users’ requirement of products is growing faster day by day; the pressure of innovation is increasing gradually. To analysis the requirements of users deeply and find the method and the way of innovation; many industry professionals gathered together on this day. The introduction of products and study cases introduced how to save the costs, improve market competitiveness and the speed of products development.

Vice-president of Gstarsoft Yu Huaigu made a welcome speech at the opening. He said, Gstarsoft and SolidWorks united a close cooperation. In nowadays situation, innovation is becoming the most powerful motivity which will make the industry of design keep moving. As the developers of CAD software, they have to create new modes of products, develop and research the new technology and guide the new requirements; as designers, they have to create new design mode and concept, upgrade the design ability through new CAD design tools.

Later, Channel Manager of SolidWorks Zhao Hongyang made a speech themed as “Creation and Intelligence Achieve Future”. Aiming at converting the innovation of design mode to real production capability, he emphasized the 3D design platform application in machinery industry, and maximization of 3D design platform potential.

At last, experts of Gstarsoft and SolidWorks introduced the new SolidWorks 2013 and multi-product solutions. Lots of guests expressed a highly recognition on them.