SolidPlant P&ID
How SolidPlant P&ID works Smarter for you.
Create, modify and manage piping and instrumentation diagrams


Create, Modify, and Manage Piping and
Instrumentation Diagrams with SolidPlant P&ID.

Built on the latest 2D platform, SolidPlant P&ID Interface is easy to use and familiar to designers and engineers, so your design team can start immediately with minimal training. Everyday tasks are streamlined and automated to boost productivity, while component and line information is easily accessed as you work.

SolidPlant P&ID with SolidPlant 3D makes creating and designing your Project easy and efficient, offering many benefits to EPC’s and Owner Operators.

Start Easier. Run Better. Finish Smarter.
With simple reporting, editing, sharing, validation, and exchange of design information, SolidPlant P&ID application helps your projects start easier, run better, and finish smarter.

SolidPlant 3D
Comprehensive Plant Design for SolidWorks

Route it your way, Smarter!!!

SolidPlant 3D has arrived. The latest version of the best Plant Design solution on Solidworks. The key improvement of SolidPlant 2015 is SPEED and RELIABILITY. Based on our users wish list, SolidPlant 2015 will satisfy the Solidworks user who wants to do PLANT design and The Plant designer who wants to use SolidWorks. Some highlights of 2015

  • The new algorithm has improved speed of routing by 2x compared
    with the 2014 version.
  • A lots of flexibility improvement on Spec creator and Import/
    Export catalog from Excel format.
  • More utilities to help the user in following his design workflow
  • Smarter DUCT/Cable tray routing feature.
  • More Equipment templates and more detail.
  • PCF import now available.

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