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The automotive market rewards design innovation that combines efficiency, reliability, and style. The race is on to be first with breakthrough technology and design to win prestige and increase sales.

SOLIDWORS® product development solutions integrate efficient 3D design with simulation to help you optimize size, weight, and performance. With Enterprise PDM you can easily collaborate across your development team and with manufacturing to make better parts, vehicles, and transportation systems faster – and at lower cost.


AMTRAK uses SOLIDWORS design, SOLIDWORS Simulation analysis, and SOLIDWORS Enterprise PDM software to maintain, refurbish, and modernize its fleet of passenger railcars.


• Increased design productivity by 60 percent
• Realized time savings of 40 percent
• Improved management of 500,000 design files
• Reduced design errors and quality issues

Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Previous CAD: AutoCAD,CADKEY
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation, SOLIDWORS Enterprise PDM
Benefit: Value, Results, Power, Collaboration, Implementation, Ease of Use, Data Exchange, Focus on Design, Design Better Products, Automated Documentation, Integration, Design Reuse
VAR: Prism Engineering

Knapheide Manufacturing Company

Knapheide responds more efficiently to requests for customized products with SOLIDWORS® CAD software’s sheet-metal design and configuration capabilities.


• Responded more efficiently to customization needs
• Reduced prototyping costs through integrated analysis
• Minimized design errors
• Realized more effective collaboration and customer communication

Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Previous CAD: AutoCAD,Inventor
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation, SOLIDWORS Simulation Professional, SOLIDWORS Standard, SOLIDWORS Professional
VAR: Computer Aided Technology Inc.

Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers relies on SOLIDWORS Premium software to efficiently respond to the onslaught of orders that accompany the popularity of its “American Chopper” television show.


• Accelerated time-to-market by 100 percent
• Shortened design cycles by 75 percent
• Cut development costs by 50 percent
• Eliminated several rounds of prototyping

Industry: Automotive & Transportation; Consumer Products
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Premium
Benefit: Value, Results, Power, Collaboration, Implementation, Ease of Use, Career Advancement, Focus on Design, Design Better Products, Total Cost of Ownership, Innovation, Manufacturability, Advanced Modeling, Automated Documentation, Photorealistic Renderings, Integration
VAR: Cimquest, Inc.

Victory Team

SOLIDWORS software provides Victory Team with the collaboration tools it needs to maintain its competitive edge.


• Shortened design cycles by 25-30%
• Reduced time to manufacture a race-ready boat by 15%
• Realized fewer failed prototypes
• Increased project throughput

Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Previous CAD: AutoCAD
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORS Premium
Benefit: Results, 2D/3D Transition
VAR: Fonoon Information Systems

Wabtec Passenger Transit

Using SOLIDWORS software, Wabtec has accelerated development of its coupler and braking systems for lightrail passenger trains.


• Compressed development cycles
• Improved product quality
• Streamlined creation of product documentation
• Accelerated assembly operations

Industry: Automotive & Transportation
Previous CAD: Pro/ENGINEER
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORS Premium, SOLIDWORS Composer
Benefit: Ease of Use, Automated Documentation
VAR: TPM, Inc.

Commercial Industries

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