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Explore SOLIDWORKS solutions for Consumer Product Designers

Consumers worldwide demand reliable, cutting-edge products that deliver outstanding value. Higher sales, market prestige, and brand loyalty are the rewards for companies that create those products. SOLIDWORKS integrated product development solutions cover the full range of modeling, simulation, and communication that consumer product designers need in order to develop better products faster – and at lower cost.

Browse the Consumer Product Design Library to explore our newest consumer product video series featuring the Quadcopter Drone. Also included are white papers, case studies, webinars, and customer videos showcasing great consumer product design.

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation

SOLIDWORS software has enabled Fender to save time, increase throughput, and achieve more consistent quality.


• Cut production time by 20 percent across the board
• Reduced time required to shape guitar necks by 30 percent
• Eliminated many secondary operations
• Increased production throughput with improved tooling

Industry: Consumer Products
Previous CAD: AutoCAD
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Standard
Benefit: Value, 2D/3D Integration, Ease of Use, Integration
VAR: GoEngineer

Watershot, Inc.

Watershot relies on SOLIDWORKS design and simulation tools to create innovative, watertight enclosures, such as the company’s line of smartphone products.


• Expanded into smartphone underwater enclosures and other markets
• Cut design cycles in half
• Designed first dedicated enclosures for professional digital movie cameras
• Minimized errors and physical prototyping

Industry: Product Design & Engineering Services
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation, SOLIDWORS Simulation Premium
Benefit: Value, Results, Power, Collaboration, Ease of Use, Focus on Design, Total Cost of Ownership, Photorealistic Renderings
VAR: Digital Dimensions

CH Products

Using SOLIDWORS Professional design and SOLIDWORS Premium design and simulation software, CH Products has successfully introduced motion-control products for military, industrial, and aviation simulation applications.


• Cut development time by 50%
• Reduced prototyping time investment by 90 percent
• Entered strategic markets through the development of new products
• Increased innovation with surface modeling and design visualization

Industry: Electronics
Previous CAD: Pro ENGINEER
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Professional, SOLIDWORS Premium
Benefit: Value, Results, Power, Collaboration, Implementation, Ease of Use, Data Exchange, Career Advancement, Focus on Design, Design Better Products, Total Cost of Ownership, Innovation, Manufacturability, Advanced Modeling, Photorealistic Renderings, Integration
VAR: GoEngineer

Wolverine Worldwide Inc.

With SOLIDWORS Premium software, Wolverine Worldwide has grown its product line while saving time and cutting costs simultaneously.


• Shortened design cycles by 60 percent
• Cut development costs by 50 percent
• Reduced material usage by 50 percent
• Expanded product line by 200 percent

Industry: Consumer Products
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORS eDrawings Professional, SOLIDWORS Premium
Benefit: Value, Results, Collaboration, Implementation, Focus on Design, Design Better Products, Innovation, Product-level Drawings, Photorealistic Renderings, Design Reuse
VAR: DASI Solutions, L.L.C

Audio Products International

Designed with SOLIDWORS, the Energy RC-70 Floor Standing Speaker’s contemporary design creates an emotional attachment, both visual and audible, as it works its magic on any recording. The elegant enclosure reproduces the impact and sensation of your listening material.


• Boosted new product development by 100 percent
• Increased design innovation and complexity
• Improved organization and management of product design data
• Alleviated application stability and data compatibility problems

Industry: Consumer Products
Previous CAD: AutoCAD,Mechanical Desktop,Inventor
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORS Standard, SOLIDWORS Professional
VAR: Javelin Technologies Inc.

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