Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

As machines become increasingly complex, designers and engineers face unique mechatronic engineering challenges. Design teams must streamline communication between mechanical systems and electrical engineering controls like never before.

SOLIDWORKS® integrated product development solutions provide a full range of modeling, simulation, and communication tools that help you optimize motor and actuator selection for price and energy consumption, while improving reliability so your machines require less maintenance.

Hartness International

Hartness International manufactures custom packaging machinery for a variety of consumer and commercial product markets.


• Enabled significant new product design innovations
• Shortened development cycle from five to two months
• Optimized machinery performance
• Eased design reviews

Industry: Machinery
Previous CAD: None
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Office
VAR: Moderntech Mechanical

Adept Engineers

Adept Engineers is a dynamic and fast-growing Indian company that designs and manufactures factory automation systems, including industrial automation, material handling/transfer, assembly line, validation/test systems, electrical LT panels, and power distribution systems, as well as jigs, fixtures, and special-purpose machinery. Adept Engineers realized efficiency benefits in the design of electrical panels and systems by implementing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics.


• Cut design time by 30 to 40 percent
• Improved quality of electrical system documentation
• Boosted design accuracy by 20 percent
• Expanded throughput with concurrent design

Industry: Machinery
Previous CAD:  AutoCAD
Products(s) Used:  SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SolidWorks Professional

Aiger Engineering

Aiger Engineering added SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional 3D electrical design software to its SOLIDWORKS mechanical design, product data management, and technical communication solutions to integrate and accelerate the design of its high-precision production systems.


• Cut electrical design time by 50 percent
• Improved accuracy of electrical designs and schematics
• Increased collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineers
• Automated wiring and cabling processes

Industry: Machinery
Previous CAD: AutoCAD
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, SOLIDWORKS Standard, SOLIDWORKS Professional, SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Composer
Benefit: Value, Results, Collaboration, 2D/3D Transition, Ease of Use, Data Exchange, Focus on Design, Design Better Products, Integration, Electrical System Design
VAR: DiTra Co.

Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of specialized polyolefin plastic and paper packaging products and complementary packaging systems.


• Shortened development time by 10%
• Lowered development costs by 35%
• Decreased errors by 50%
• Reduced rework by 75%

Industry: Machinery
Previous CAD: AutoCAD
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORKS Professional

Allmand Bros. Inc.

SOLIDWORKS Composer software enables Allmand Bros. to accelerate the development and maintenance of parts manuals for its products.


• Cut parts manual development time by 50–75 percent
• Eliminated change backlog; brought manuals up-to-date
• Improved quality of illustrations
• Automated creation of animated assembly instructions

Industry: Machinery
Products(s) Used: SOLIDWORKS Composer
VAR: Tridaq

Commercial Industries

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