My Graphi Story results are in!

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January 24 , 2023 |

My Graphi Story results are in!

Dear Community Members,

Last year, we held a challenge to commemorate the 40 years of Graphisoft, My Graphi Story. Over the course of a few months, we invited you to share stories about your first creations with a Graphisoft tool and recount any other remorable events in your design journey. Our Graphisoft Jury read your tales and selected their favorites. Now it's time to share the highlights!

Selection Panel H.jpg

If you don't know these folks yet, go ahead and meet the jury. We know you are here for the results though. So let's dive in! 🥁


Selected stories

The highlighted entries are the jury's favorites, inciting a joyful sentiment in us. The authors will get exclusive vintage items from Graphisoft. If you are one of them, stay tuned! We'll get in touch about the goodies soon. And without further ado, here they are in order of selection! Take a read and leave some kudos to the authors.

My story with Archicad so far... by Kamen Nikolov


kamen.png kamen 4.png kamen 6.png kamen 3.png Kamen 2.png


An openess to learning and discovery is at the soul of the life-long learner, as is the understanding that a tool is what you make of something, and not something that limits you. - Kevin LossoTo start a story by sharing a holistic experience of designing offline and moving to digital is quite catchy however the core message from Kamen is the importance of a self-motivated pursuit of knowledge mindset. Something I can fully relate with. - Norbert Fekete



How Archicad has shaped my Career by Nathan Hildebrandt


nathan.png nathan 3.png nathan 2.png nathan 1.png nathan 4.png


Nathan's story shows how important an early contact with Archicad is. And even more, how essential a good and personal customer relationship is. - Evelyn LotterThis is not a story, this is a storybook. Having so many connection points with Graphisoft makes Nathan's entry not just professional but personal as well. - Norbert Fekete



Thanks to Graphisoft and Erasmus I am still in architecture field by davidzsibrita


david.png david 1.png david 2.png david 3.png david 4.png


The way how David was able to connect not just with the software but with Graphisoft Park as well makes his story unique and multilayered. - Norbert Fekete



PhD with Archicad by Waldemar


 Waldemar.png waldemar 1.png waldemar 15.png waldemar 3.png waldemar 4.png


Waldemar was one of our first tutors and he is still passionate and promotes Archicad everywhere. He is a real Archicad Ambassador. - Evelyn Lotter



My 25 years with Archicad by Sebastian


  sebastian 5.png sebastian 4.png sebastian 3.png sebastian .png sebastian 2.png


We would like to give honorable mentions to Celia Matsuda and Gert Zeqiri for having the most liked and the cutest/youngest graphilover story, respectively. It's a pleasure to have you onboard for almost 30 years, Celia, and we look forward to a great relationship with Gert in the years to come!



Selected stories in Brazilian Portuguese

In parallel to our International Community challenge, we also hosted a local version of the challenge on the Brazilian Portuguese section of the site. You are invited to check these entries as well, perhaps with the help of the translation extension in your browser. Here are their highlights:



br 1.png br 2.png br 3.png br 4.png br 5.png


Thank you to all the participants of our 40-year Anniversary challenge! We had great fun reading your stories.

And for those that didn't win this time, don't worry! Stick around for our future projects and challenges!

The Graphisoft Community Team