Presenting the winners of the Parametric Object Factory challenge!

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February 22 , 2023 |

Presenting the winners of the Parametric Object Factory challenge!

Dear Community Members,

Last year we launched the Parametric Object Factory challenge, inviting you to submit the parametric objects you created in Archicad using Library Part Maker, PARAM-O and/or GDL coding.


Our colleagues in Singapore conducted dedicated client events for participants, so we have a double podium for International and Singaporean awardees. Challenge winners receive:


1st Place - Apple iPad Pro + €400 Graphisoft Learn voucher

2nd Place - €400 Graphisoft Learn voucher

3rd Place - €240 Graphisoft Learn voucher

Honorable Mention(s) - €150 Graphisoft Learn voucher


Would you like to create your own parametric objects but don’t know where to start?


Our free event Parametric Object Webinar: GDL, PARAM-O and Library Part Maker introduced the tools that assist you in creating smart objects. If you missed it, the recording is available here.


We also have two courses on Graphisoft Learn, for those looking for more detailed training:



Graphisoft Jury and Selection Criteria

Parametric Jury H.jpg

The jury panel selected the best entries according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity and how it showed innovative, outside the box thinking;
  • Solution fit, considering how the submission fit the user base’s needs;
  • Interactivity using parametric maturity, ease of use

With over 90 submissions, evaluating projects was no easy task – but it was all the more enjoyable to see the wide range of works!

Without further ado, let’s dig into the results.


Singaporean Selection


1st Place – Jkim: Dynamic Panel (GDL)

2nd Place – Hendriko: Parametric Sliding Windows (PARAM-O)

3rd Place – Alvincent: Exit Sign Light Fixture (GDL)

International Selection


1st Place – LorenzoFerla: LEGO (GDL)
Try it yourself! The object is available for download here 😉


Just plain fun!
- Henry Berger



2nd Place – ffgdl: Parametric stadium seat (GDL)

Power productivtiy solution, analysis feature, LOD, distance from camera. Nice job!

- Gábor Kovács


3rd Place – MF BIM: Modular Grandstands (GDL)

MF.gif  mf2.png
Productivity tool, GUI, colour of each seat can be set individually, LOD & representation is fine in 2D and 3D, proper listing of components.
- Gábor Kovács

Honorable Mentions

We would like to highlight the great contributions of Bart Cuppens (cuba) and Heimo Mooslechner (Hmooslechner), not only in this challenge, but throughout all of our challenges!

True to form, they submitted an impressive collection of works to this challenge. Check them out and leave your kudos.


Challenges are a fun way to share innovative and creative works with the Community. Congratulations to all winners for their outstanding contributions!


Additionally, we would like to thank each participant for their submission and trust, especially those with the enthusiasm to share their knowledge with others. We look forward to discovering your ideas in the upcoming challenge!


Graphisoft Community Team