V-Ray for 3ds Max

V-Ray for 3ds Max is the core development of Chaos Group, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process

Kevin Margo
VFX Supervisor, Blur Studios

“Our game cinematics are usually packed with epic action scenes, huge environments, multiple characters with hair and SSS, fire, explosions, debris, all with 3D motion blur and render passes. That’s a lot to work with, but V-Ray makes it easy to get the job done, 3.0 is something to be excited about.”

Dan Wheaton
Digital Matte Supervisor, ILM

“When we started ‘The Lone Ranger,’ we changed some of the toolsets under the hood: we went strictly over to 3ds Max, using V-Ray as our renderer. That was the final piece of the puzzle. We were getting not only great render results, but great render throughput: it could handle everything we were throwing at it”

Christopher Bahry
Creative Director/Partner, Tendril

At Tendril, we have been using V-Ray in daily production for as long as we can remember. As a largely design-driven studio, the artists here find V-Ray to be just as critical tool during the idea development phase as they do during full production. Often when we are pitching on jobs, we create concept art and style frames, and in cases where the end result will be photorealistic, V-Ray is a better tool for designing the look and feel than concept art created with more traditional techniques. It’s a tool that we can’t live without at this point.

Simeon Sokerov
Supervisor/ Creative Director, Studio Sokerov Ltd.

I’ve been using V-Ray since it was in beta development phase. Its multiple features provide everything you need for high-quality rendering of animations and products. Its effectiveness is due to the speed of the engine and the intuitive interface.

The render elements are extremely valuable for the project preparation of postproductions. The physically accurate Translucency shader and SSS2 shader are remarkably beautiful and impressive features. I’ve spent many hours studying them and enjoying the result.

James Cutler
Creative Director at MintViz

VRayFur adds further realism to our Arch Viz scenes by giving total control over the look and feel of carpets, rugs and exterior grass. The simple-to-use parameters enable us to interactively style the final result to specification making it a valuable asset to an already all-round excellent 3D rendering package.

Toni Bratincevic
Senior Environment Modeler, Blizzard Entertainment

I started using V-Ray a couple years ago at Blur Studio and since then I had the best experience with any render I’ve used so far. Even before I start working on a project, I know V-Ray will be able to deliver the highest image quality possible, and through the whole process it will be rock solid. But the best thing above all is the customer support. It is just amazing how fast the team from Chaos Group can deliver small patches and improvements when requested. Some new features are just stunning, like shademap which helped me render some of my images with strong DOF almost 2 times faster than before.

Alex Roman
CG Artist

Since starting in the CG world – fifteen years ago now – I always dreamt about the day I could easily reproduce accurate, advanced materials and global illumination in a flexible, fast production environment, so that I could focus on what matters as an artist. My dream came true when I discovered V-Ray!

Armin Pohl
CEO, Mackevision, Germany

V-Ray is an excellent visualization solution, which helps our team realize complicated projects in tight deadlines. It is an integral part of our core development F_BOX picture shooter and it perfectly combines interactivity with speed.

Stéphane Montel
VFX/CG supervisor, Akama Studio

In an industry where clients demand ever more beautiful images ever faster, V-Ray is an indispensable partner. We must not forget that V-Ray is also a large community of users who bring their experience, resources and assistance. This is a significant advantage, Chaos Group understands and draws in the community to improve its software. Each new version of V-Ray brings lots of innovation that is a response to user requests. This keeps the V-Ray technology the best.

Glen Taylor
Managing Director, Taylor James

V-Ray works best for Taylor James and we’ve used it for many years, with no other software coming close. It not only gives us great flexibility when controlling the rendering, but we can also rely on its speed and quality.

Ruslan Ogorodnik
CG Supervisor, The Chimney Pot

Considering the pace of V-Ray development, I am sure that this product is confidently winning the market. Many people use it as the de facto standard in architectural visualization, and it is sweeping the multimedia and video entertainment markets.

Kevin Margo
CG Supervisor, Blur Studio, USA

V-Ray is a supremely brilliant rendering engine with mind bending approaches to visualizing 3 dimensional form that encourages philosophic ontological discussions about the nature and observation of reality itself.

Robert Nederhorst
VFX Supervisor, Svengali FX, USA

V-Ray is an amazing product and even better, it’s backed by a VERY solid group of people for support. This is both in development as well as sales. Everyone I have dealt with at Chaos is a driven individual who is focused on the best technology for the job and creating that technology if it’s not available. Their render engine keeps on blazing trails and is second to none. Cheers to V-Ray and Chaos Group.

Lon Grohs
Principal/Creative Director, Neoscape, Inc.

V-Ray has single-handedly changed the face of Architectural Visualization. Neoscape has been using it in production since its very first release, and we continue to use it in all of our work. It is full of relevant and robust features, while remaining speedy and easy to use. I can not imagine working without it.

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Greg Tsadilas,
VFX Supervisor at Red Magnet

I’ve been using V-Ray since 2001 working in Film, TV, Commercials, and since that time it’s the only render engine I have ever needed or wanted to use. V-Ray’s ease of use and speed, coupled with its innovative approach to high end features like Global Illumination, Physically accurate Image based lighting and shaders, makes it the best render solution out there on any platform.

Richard Rosenman
Digital Animation Director, Hatch Studios

In a production-driven environment where time ultimately dictates the quality of my work, I need a renderer I can count on for speed and performance. VRay not only offers extremely fast 3D rendering, but also unparalleled output of the highest caliber combined with powerful features that will satisfy the industry’s most demanding artists. VRay’s solid performance and cost-effective price tag has made it the renderer of choice for hundreds of studios world-wide, including our very own Hatch Studios Ltd.

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