V-Ray for Softimage

V-Ray for Softimage offers a rich set of functionalities for fast and efficient rendering and an intuitive approach towards shading and lighting.

Product Overview


Built on V-Ray’s core platform of rendering speed, stability, and quality, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage® is an advanced rendering solution for the VFX and animation industries. V-Ray for Softimage includes ICE support, efficient Global Illumination, versatile shaders, and much more.

What’s New in V-Ray 3.0 for Softimage?

•  New Progressive Production Renderer for interactive and production rendering
•  New VRaySkinMtl with layered reflections and artistfriendly controls
•  Render Mask to specify render regions using an object selection or image mask
•  Deep Image support including OpenEXR 2.0 output
•  emFluid 5 is integrated with V-Ray for SI

Check out the full list of improvements in V-Ray 3.0 for Softimage.

V-Ray for Softimage Key Features

V-Ray for Softimage offers a rich set of functionalities for fast and efficient rendering and an intuitive approach towards shading and lighting.

V-Ray for Softimage General Overview


Watch our General Overview video, and explore the major features in V-Ray for Softimage: ICE support, complex mesh support using V-Ray Proxy objects, versatile shaders with V-Ray materials, quick and accurate global illumination, and much more.

Here are some of the key features of the new V-Ray for Softimage. For an overview of the full set of features, please V-Ray-for-Softimage_V-Ray-Materials

Shading with V-Ray for Softimage – Create materials quickly and efficiently using V-Ray Materials, and simplify the creation of complex, layered materials with the V-Ray Blend and V-Ray Car Paint Materials.


Render Elements – Take control of your compositing workflow using the expansive list of Render Elements.


V-Ray Proxy – Manage scene memory and efficiently render massive amounts of geometry using V-Ray Proxy objects.


Hair & Fur Shading – Render hair and fur with unprecedented quality, control, and speed with the VRayHairMtl shader.

System Requirements

  • A SSE2- capable processor (Intel Pentium IV or later);
  • 2 GB RAM minimum;
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional (SP2 or higher), 64-bit versions;
  • Microsoft® Windows Vista® Business (SP1 or higher), 64-bit versions;
  • Microsoft® Windows 7®, 64-bit versions;
  • Microsoft® Windows 8®, 64-bit versions.


Supported Platforms

  • Softimage 2015 (64-bit);
  • Softimage 2014 SP2 (64-bit);
  • Softimage 2014 (64-bit);
  • Softimage 2013 (64-bit);
  • Softimage 2012 SAP edition (64-bit);
  • Softimage 2012 (64-bit);

Note: Older versions of Softimage are not officially supported.

Learning Material



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