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V-Ray for Rhinoceros

V-Ray for Rhino offers visualization professionals a state-of-the-art solution that generates high-quality images of unparalleled realism.

Andre Minoli, ROBRADY Design

The introduction of V-Ray into our studio represents a gigantic milestone in our workflow, as well as our quality and quantity of work. Before V-Ray, our workflow was slow and tedious. The render quality wasn’t up to studio standards and we spent too much time doing post-render Photoshop work. Now, with V-Ray, a rendering rarely takes more than ten minutes, and the quality is amazing!.


Dustin Brown, MNML

V-Ray for Rhino has been our renderer of choice at Minimal since the day the company was formed. The material system is extremely powerful, lighting is quick and customizable, and network rendering works transparently within our design process, even for still images. It helps us spend more time designing and less time visualizing – and that is exactly what we want.


Michael Ponce, Product Designer

I am a Product Designer and have been a V-Ray fan for years. When I was initially hired at my current position and was specifying 3D software for my computer, I requested V-Ray to be my rendering software with Rhino 4.0. I also use Flamingo, Bongo, and 3D Studio Max, but I chose V-Ray because of its balance between ease of use and high quality results. Chaos Group USA also has a fantastic materials library, and I am a frequent visitor of the free downloads section.


Jason Phillips

V-Ray for Rhino has been a phenomenal tool for our design team at Phillips Collection. From modeling prototypes to creating photo-realistic interior scenes we are making our most important design decisions faster and with greater flexibility than ever before.

Learning Material



รวมเทคนิคการใช้งานต่างๆเกี่ยวกับโปรแกรม V-Ray



รวมบทความต่างๆเกี่ยวกับโปรแกรม V-Ray



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ดาวน์โหลดคู่มือ เอกสาร เกี่ยวกับโปรแกรม V-Ray

เทคนิคการใช้งาน V-Ray

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